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Vendor Rules and Regulations

  1. Selection of vendors is the right of the Panacea Beer & Oyster Festival Committee.

  2. Booth number will be assigned by the Panacea Beer & Oyster Festival Committee.

  3. Cost of space is $30.00 for Arts & Crafts and Commercial.  No charge for sponsors.

  4. Size of Space:  10’ x 10’.

  5. Event Hours:  Saturday, 12 p.m. - 4 p.m.  Vendors are obligated to remain open during the event hours.

  6. Set-up must be completed and all vehicles removed from the area by 11:00 p.m.  Vehicles will not be allowed to return until after the event closes.

  7. You are responsible for your own tent, tables and chairs. All tents must be secured in a manner to prevent them from blowing away in the event of wind/bad weather. 

  8. Items left over night will be at your own risk.

  9. All vendors are responsible for collecting and reporting the Florida Sales Tax.

  10. Vendors will be responsible for their own trash cleanup during and after the event.  Before leaving the site, please place all trash in a  designated trash container, leaving the area clean.

For more information contact Michele Crum at (850) 210-8831 or Sherrie Miller (850) 528-1527

mail application and payment to PO Box 212, Panacea, Florida, 32346.  Make check payable to Panacea Waterfronts Florida Partnership.

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